• Why are your prices so low?

    We have developed expertise in using some Open Source products which allow us to develop smart, powerful and attractive web sites with little time & effort - so we pass on that saving to our clients!

  • Can you help my business get found on the search engines like Google?

    Yes. We offer free submission to 10 of the major search engines, including Google. We develop appropriate meta tags (which help your site get indexed on search engines), ensure the all links have title tags and all images have alt tags then submit your site to the search engines every single month. We also can submit site to over 250 search engines, see our Search Engine Optimization page for details.

  • Are your websites reliable?

    Yes. We offer 99% uptime guarantee on our website (no one can offer 100%). Click here to see our server uptime. We also put out money where our mouth is: if your site is down for more than that, we refund some of your monthly hosting! See our terms and conditions for more details.

  • How long will it take to get my site online?

    3 days. We can have your site online within a maximum of 3 days, as long as you can supply the appropriate information we need. Quite often, we can have client sites live the very next day!

  • Can you custom design a website, instead of using a template?

    Yes. All of our clients sites are customised to a degree, but we can also deliver complete custom solutions for any sized project. See our Custom Quote Page for more details.

  • What is an SSL Certificate used for?

    An SSL Certificate is to encrypt information that is submitted to a web site. It is usually used in e-Commerce site to allow clients to securely enter their credit card details to make purchases. Superior Webs can provide SSL Certificates. Contacts Us for more information and pricing.

  • What options do you offer for accepting payments in your Online Stores?

    We offer several different payment options:

    • Credit Card Processing
    • Cash On Delivery
    • Electronic Funds Transfer

    Contacts Us for more details.

    • Is hosting included in your monthly fees?

      Yes. Hosting and all email is included in all of our packages. See our Hosting page for more details.

    • What are the steps involved in setting up a web site?
    1. You need a domain name. Your domain name will be the address of your website. For example, our domain name is www.superiorwebs.com.au. See domains to learn about how to get a domain name for your business.
    2. You need to have a web site built. You obviously need a web site built to promote your business on the internet. We have specialist skills in creating extremely professional web sites for a fraction of the cost currently seen in the Australian market. See what we do for more information on these products.
    3. You need to have your site hosted and supported. Your web site needs somewhere to live (hosting), and you will need someone to help you with it (support). Our Packages all come with their own hosting and support, which includes email hosting, disk space for your web site, 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited email support, and 1 hour of phone support for selected on selected packages.

    At Superior Webs, we are your one stop shop for getting your business online. There are not other costs involved, and we make the move online as easy and painless as possible.

  • Does unused pre-paid support accrue, so I can use the extra next month?

    No. Superior Webs Internet does not allow support to accrue. We do however, allow any support time in a given month to be utilised as site maintenance and updating if required.

  • Does the one hour standard support also include on-site support?

    No. The standard one hour of support is for phone based support or off-site maintenance.

  • What do I get for my $65 a month?

You get the best service in the industry.

One of the aims of Superior Webs is to ensure our clients get the service they need to keep their web presence up to date, effective and accurate. So our monthly fees include:

  • All web site and email hosting

  • Unlimited email based support

  • 1 hour of our time, every month to utilise as you please:
      - phone based tech. support
      - site maintenance
      - site updates when required
      - content loading/updating

  • Periodic search engine submission

  • Online chat support also coming soon

  • Can you help my web site be found on the search engine

    Superior Webs will setup the appropriate content and meta tags on your site to ensure it has the best chance of being ranked well in the search engines, but we can not guarantee you will be the top of the search engine rankings on day 1 as these rankings are governed by many factors including how many other sites contain links to your web site. Therefore getting your business partners to setup links to your site from theirs can help boost your ranking, however we recommend complementing this with other means of creating internet exposure such as sponsored adwords on google and yahoo, which are surprisingly cost effective.